A scene of eroticism with a couple a little strange

This couple is a little strange, but it is a scenario that really exists and there is no doubt that the couple will not resist until the end of their lives. Here we have a disabled man who lives with a woman doll.

He found a woman for him alone

She looks like the woman of his dreams and it is true that the doll is a real hottie. Since that day, the man has become cheerful at work and his colleagues have noticed the change. They are not yet aware that he has a wife at home. One day, he stopped in front of a women's clothing store, and a woman in the office noticed him. She didn't hesitate to tease him that he should take his wife with him. But he knew that would be a shame. He got the idea that his wife is his treasure and she belong to him. A camera slipped over the woman's support without him noticing. As soon as he got home, he took the bra off and put it on the table and to our amazement, we saw a beautiful woman in front of us. He put the bra on her and the camera focused on him.

The life of a couple

At night, the man is sexually fulfilled, he always wants his real doll and he is proud of it to have a woman by his side every night. As soon as he touches her breasts, he wants to go further. As soon as he kisses her luscious mouth, he craves sex, and he can't stop. He can even come just by playing with her breasts. He can position her as much as he wants without interfering with her disability. He washes her in the morning with delicacy and attention. Once dry, he puts talcum powder on her, dresses her and leaves her in front of the window to see her when he comes home.

So much so, the appearance of this doll is deceptive, one does not return from it when one observes well the face of the woman in front of the reflection of its window.

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