What do you need to strat a camgirl career?

Explore a sensual world, a little crazy and downright unknown to the general public. An opportunity to get out of our beliefs about the taboo world of unconventional sexuality.

We start to have some notion about this job

A camgirl is this woman who wants to put naked in front of the camera. She likes to sell herself and sell her body with interest is not such a bad idea.

The essential equipment

Know that a camgirl works online and taps only in front of his camera. A job like many others, there are rules to respect but very relaxed. So, we do not load far, but a camgirl needs: webcam, microphone and internet connexion. She must have managed the sound and the light so that her visitors can have a good quality of image with a sound.

Your profile picture is an asset

It’s true that porn sites are not dating sites, but the profile picture is important. You have to attract people with daring photos and put several pictures in his profile album. Then do this video to promote your chat room. An individual chat room that asks for a new theme each week.

It’s time to choose your work platform

There are plenty of sites that offer this kind of work. There are some who start on a free live stream porn basis that camgirls do not feel comfortable doing this job. There are no physical selection, morphology, sexuality or colour of the skin and the religion and culture side. The second criterion is to re-write the registration form carefully and read the conditions of the site.

The choice of the publication site depends on the desire of the camgirl, but the ideal is to find a well referenced site. A site where there is a subscribed world in him. A site with a variety of options when choosing rubric and others.

And finally, the site that has a huge security of confidentiality to keep the trust of its subscribers.

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